There's nothing like a good first impression for someone to get to know you.

At Castañer we are experts in two things: designing top quality espardrilles and presenting them in the same way. Our work deserves no less, and neither do you.

New York, Paris, London... These are some of the fashion capitals we visited to present our new collection. We tell you everything that happened in this wrap-up!

Oh la lá... Paris!

Paris is the city of glamour and chic things. A dream city with elegant buildings, sunlight reflecting on the Seine River, the smell of freshly baked croissants flooding the streets early in the morning and street musicians providing the soundtrack to your every step.

And when you think that nothing else can fascinate you, you arrive at 55-57 rue Saint Roch, and in front of you, a white facade rises, with huge windows at street level from which you can glimpse the interior of one of its salons.

Château Voltaire is not a stunning place, its charm lies precisely in the subtlety and sophistication it conveys. A classic modernity that is reflected in all the corners and details that it keeps inside. The perfect place to present our collection.

Eleonore Leo, Joanne Palmaro, Justine Soranzo, were some of the guests invited to join the evening with editors and journalists from major fashion publications in one of the lounges of this idyllic place.

An evening that soon became a gathering of friends, where details such as the centerpieces, eucalyptus leaves in the napkin rings and Castañer, brought a Mediterranean touch to this French place.


Among the lights of New York

The city of dreams, the city that never sleeps, New York.

Streets full at all hours, impressive skyscrapers that emerge next to historic buildings and between so much asphalt, as if it were a mirage, miles of green stretch before you, under the name of Central Park.

If you have had the opportunity to wander the streets of the Big Apple, you will know the feeling it produces, the constant vibration in the air, the contrasts that exist between two streets that converge on the same corner and the infinite trends that coexist in its different neighborhoods.

These were some of the reasons that led us to choose this city as the setting for the presentation of the collaboration with Altuzarra. A limited collection with the characteristics to make the New York public fall in love with it.

The event took place at Spring Place, at 6 St. Johns Street, between the iconic SOHO and Tribeca neighborhoods. A members-only social club with spaces for creatives, artists and professional talent from other fields to connect and share knowledge.

Editors and stylists from The Paper Magazine, Conde Nast, Hearst, Lifestyle Mag and several influencers gathered in one of its interior rooms, which we flooded with flowers for the occasion, and where they tasted a menu with Mediterranean touches.

The perfect event with which we conquered the city of lights.

La Bella Italia

The country that gathers more art and history per square meter of the planet. Italy has been and is a place of inspiration for great artists, designers and the setting for countless films.

Traditional and contemporary. Its cities have been growing at the frenetic pace of society and have been able to adapt to changes without losing their essence. Preserving the magic of the places with reminiscences of the past, which transport us to our origins.

Globally recognized as the cradle of European ready-to-wear, where the fashion shows stopped happening in a room with chairs to become the experience we know now, with an ambience and decor through which the idea behind the collection is transmitted.

As expert shoemakers, we feel a close connection to this beautiful country.

On this occasion, we invited all our guests to Paper Moon Giardini. A restaurant in Via Bagutta, the epicenter of Milan. The most authentic flavors of Italy in dishes with impeccable presentation and an atmosphere full of rustic details with modern touches.

A place with the perfect essence, energy and feeling for a presentation to editors and journalists from La Republica, Vogue, Elle, GQ, among others. An ideal evening in which history, fashion and gastronomy came together.

London Calling!

To go from the most elitist to the most underground, with a street difference. To be able to consider yourself a Londoner when you don't get lost in the subway for the third time in a row. Knowing that the afterworks start at six o'clock and that the rain is neither too much nor too bad.

These, and countless more, are the sensations that London makes you feel. No matter how many times you visit, there will always be something new and surprising in this city. New exhibitions, venues, a new rooftop, emerging designer boutiques... London is undoubtedly the cradle of the future.

In the heart of one of its luxurious neighborhoods, AllBright Mayfair is located. Specifically at 24-26 Maddox Street. A place that was born with the aim of uniting women entrepreneurs and offering them a space in which to share ideas and knowledge. Designed and created by women and for women, in their presentation they announce that their doors are never closed to anyone.

The decoration of the interiors of its five floors, make you feel at home in this space. Wooden floors, comfortable sofas and armchairs, intimate terraces, galleried dining rooms and plants in every corner.

In the warmth of its spaces we found the ideal place to meet, in a meal full of color, with familiar faces like Kelly Eastwood, Zeena Shah, stylists and editors of major fashion editorials such as Vogue, Elle or Marie Claire.

Enterprising women who delighted us with their knowledge and vision of the fashion world.