When we create a collection in our studio, we don't just want to bring you our designs. We want to bring you a story, to take you to it.

Each step of this process is an adventure, but undoubtedly the moment when everything comes together and materializes, is the moment to represent it in the photographs of the campaign, the shooting. At this point of the process we put a face and eyes to that part of us that we want to tell you about.

All our editorials carry our DNA, but Mallorca Stories is also a journey into Castañer's purest interior, a reflection of our greatest passions: the Mediterranean, nature and design.

Mallorca is a privileged island. Beyond the landscapes, the cliffs of the Sierra de la Tramuntana or the millenary olive trees, the secrets that this island still keeps make that no matter how many times you visit it, it will never cease to surprise you.


In the collection of FW22 our mission is to bring the magic of its unexplored corners and the magnetism that emanates from all of them.

To capture all the feeling that the island transmits, we had the incredible opportunity to work with Marc Regàs, Catalan photographer and resident in the cosmopolitan city of New York, who has worked for luxury brands such as Celine, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs and many editorials such as VOGUE, MUSE or the NY Times and Stefania Borras, creative director of DATURA, a timeless brand, inspired by the slow-life of the island and in which high quality fabrics are worked in a sustainable and transparent way.

Two artists whose combination - Marc's vision and Datura Studio's styling and clothing - have managed to give a unique warmth to a campaign that breathes the air of the Mediterranean on a winter day, when the sun streams through the window and warms you up enough to know that you are in paradise. That you are in Mallorca.