If fashion is a reflection of society, we can say that we are living one of the moments of greatest evolution of this.

New materials, shapes and styles coexist to please the increasingly varied tastes that arise from the different social movements and, above all, the rise of men's fashion.

While it is true that, until not so long ago, the female public had a much wider variety of choices, today men's fashion is catching up.

The most important fashion houses make their bets, more and more extensive, in the different editions of the fashion weeks.

For the presentation of the SS 2022 trends, the catwalks were flooded with fresh, loose-fitting garments with color ranges that break with the stereotypes we knew of the male closet.

Dior's oversized tropical print shirts, Armani's XL linen shorts, Etro's colorful prints and sandals for maximum comfort are some of the key pieces of the season.


Shirts: sleeved and sleeveless

As we've been saying, this summer the key is to go cool. While the shirts have been widened a couple of sizes to wear them in oversize style, the sleeves have been removed from the T-shirts.

Brad Pitt's style in Fight Club returns to the men's closet.

Combine these two trends and wear the shirt as an overshirt for the most trendy look.

Linen Bermuda shorts:

The coolest summer fabric that year after year sneaks into our closet and following the trends of this season, comes in XL key.

Armani, Lanvin and Dries van Noten are some of the designers who bet on this garment. Combine it with a T-shirt or shirt for a relaxed look.

Colorful prints

This summer, men's closets will be full of color with all kinds of prints: floral, geometric, with images, tie-dye style...

Houses such as Etro, Louis Vuitton, Hermés or Fendi, are some of the firms that have opted for this trend.

Get a total look of the same and wear them in the most trendy way. Source: style du monde

Espadrilles, maximum comfort

There could be no better footwear to accompany this summer's philosophy, which advocates comfort and lightness, above all. This season moccasins are going to be replaced by espadrilles, but don't worry, they come in many versions: from the most casual to the most sophisticated.