The 2022 sales have already started, so the time has come for you to get new designs to renew your wardrobe. Do you know which creations are really worth it? We show them to you!

What pieces to buy for the 2022 sales?

It's that time of the year that allows you to buy clothes and accessories at a lower price. A perfect excuse to buy pieces that will help you live unique moments during the summer: dresses to attend cocktail parties, swimsuits and shoes to walk along the fashionable promenades.

Here are this season's must-haves. Plus, we'll share with you some fashion shopping tips to help you make the right choices.


A pleated skirt

Buy a pleated midi skirt in the material you like the most: satin, knit, tulle... Plain or printed, this garment combines with a T-shirt or a crop top and, of course, sandals in summer. The rest of the seasons you can combine it with high boots and shirts or sweaters.

Reinvent your outfit a thousand times to give infinite lives to this skirt. All of them will be equally valid, so your purchase will be a success. Undoubtedly, a garment that you will take advantage of 365 days a year.

Linen garments

Linen is synonymous with summer, these are ideal pieces for the summer season, characterized by femininity and timelessness. The linen crossover fabric is fresh and gives an effortless air to the looks.

Linen has a special place in our hearts because it evokes memories of summer days in Italian Tuscany. We could say that the summer closet is incomplete without a linen garment whether it be shirts, dresses, pants or skirts.


The sales are always a good time to buy a dress. In summer, dresses are a sure hit. After all, who doesn't like a one-piece outfit? Dresses make dressing up a breeze. If you're wondering what style of dress or trend is the most popular, the answer is that almost anything goes. The key is to feel great in the dress you choose.

A wicker bag

Finding the right bag for summer can be tricky. Black or brown bags (which most of us have in our closet) can often look too dark against the lighter colors of summer clothes. This is why it girls use wicker bags all summer long, and even into the fall.

A wicker bag can completely transform your outfit and transport you straight to Paris. A very basic look with a wicker basket will make you feel like you are in the city of light.


If there is one accessory you should take home, this is it. Espadrilles are a very versatile footwear. The models we design at Castañer are ideal for everyday use, as well as for special occasions and even wedding ceremonies.

It will be your star purchase, since it will allow you to have a piece that you will use in different seasons. We propose creations such as Bromeliad, Bluma, Dosalia y Alice, all of them handmade and manufactured under sustainable criteria. Enjoy the sales on espadrilles and elevate your looks, get your must-have for the summer!