The world has been warning us for some time. What we have been given is not infinite, we must take care of what surrounds us if we want it to last as long as possible.

From the beginning of Castañer we were very clear about the values that would be part of our DNA, what would define us as a company when making important decisions. One of those values is to put our feet on the ground, never better said.

Being aware of our surroundings, the context in which we live, the present reality has made us see very clearly the importance of following a sustainable path both internally and in our creations.

This summer we present J'aime la terrea collection committed to this cause, in which we use certified eco-responsible, natural and recycled materials, while at the same time we are committed to going back to our origins in terms of manufacturing methods, thus reducing our carbon footprint.

Now, with the arrival of the Christmas holidays, a time when we tend to consume more, we like to remind you that all our shipments are made with sustainable and recycled packaging that can also be reused for other shipments.

So that you can contribute to the cause from home, we show you a few tips to make this holiday season the most sustainable one.


1. Wrap your gifts with newspaper or magazines.

It is a very simple way to avoid buying decorative papers and reuse elements that we have at home, besides, you can decorate them with flowers, eucalyptus or fir leaves, pine cones, etc.

2. Christmas ornaments.

We can choose to create our own ornaments with elements we have at home, a little imagination and a lot of creativity.

3. Energy efficient lighting.

Opt for LED bulbs. They are more durable and their consumption is much lower than that of conventional bulbs.

4. Gifts with a future.

When choosing your gifts, give priority to those that are sustainable, ecological and handmade. Opt for brands with an environmentally friendly philosophy.