Shoes are one of the fundamental accessories to complete any look with style. Do you know what are the footwear trends for this fall-winter? Here are some of the most popular ones that we are sure you will love.

From the traditional stilettos to the trendy chunky boots... This winter season, you have a wide variety of shoes for all tastes and events. This winter season, you have a wide variety of footwear for all tastes and events. Meet the fall-winter 2022 trends in women's boots and dress with the most fashionable style!

High boots

The tall boots are ideal to wear with midi dresses and a trench coat. Also, if you are looking for comfort, choose them with a medium or low heel, a classic that never goes out of style! You will have them in your closet for years and they will make up all kinds of outfits, both for everyday wear and for a more special occasion.

Boots with chunky soles the latest trend

The models chunky have been one of the star trends for the last couple of seasons. With a very trendy street look, these boots are perfect to complete an outfit with joggers and culotte jeans. To give them an extra touch of modernity, combine them with your joggers rolled up and a sweatshirt for rainy days, perfect with a sporty raincoat!

The seventies ankle boots

I'm sure you've seen them in many movies. The seventies ankle boots have a small, square heel and a very sophisticated toe cap. Among the coolest are the gold and white ones. Undoubtedly, the perfect complement for mini skirts in the purest Twiggy style. Are you a jeans wearer? Wear them with wide leg or skinny jeans, they will look great!

Ballerinas for a feminine style

Certainly, the ballerinas never go out of fashion and are an excellent choice for almost 365 days a year. Now, if you want to give them a different and very modern touch and, in addition, you consider yourself a little daring, combine them with some socks and a mini dress. For a very special retro touch, don't forget to choose some pretty hair clips or a headband, a very feminine look that everyone will send!

The usual stilettos that never fail

If there is an iconic piece for women, it is the stiletto. stiletto. A model that you should always have among your closet basics to wear in autumn-winter. As with the ballerinas, you can dare to wear them with socks. And if you want a more discreet proposal, the combination with fancy stockings will fascinate you.

Sneakers the fashionable footwear

The sneakers have become one of the most popular footwear for women to wear all year round. They look ideal with practically any everyday garment. In addition, thanks to their success, you have a wide range of possibilities. Get white or black ones, as they go with everything, or choose among the more sophisticated models.

Wedge espadrilles for when the weather is not so cold

The wedge espadrilles come stomping with force. Not only can you wear them in summer, but also in autumn with shirt midi dresses or prints. The best of all is that with them you will look stylish and feminine without having to resort to the classic heels of always.

Sophisticated slippers

Would you like to give a plus of showiness to your outfit without resorting to high heels? The slippers are a shoe halfway between ballerinas and moccasins that stands out for its style and glamor. An excellent way to add elegance to your outfits without sacrificing comfort.

The 70's wedge moccasin

I'm sure you've seen more than one movie from the 70's in which the moccasins with wedge in suede or sheepskin did not go unnoticed. Now they are back with a vengeance for women who want a different shoe to help them create very special outfits. If the classics are your thing, go for a wedge moccasin. Don't know which one is the perfect companion? Flared jeans combine perfectly with these models.

As you can see, besides the classic boots, there are many other possibilities to show off your feet in winter. Complete your autumn-winter looks with the latest trends in footwear and become a real style queen! Will you be able to resist? Subscribe to our newsletter to not miss the latest news!